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1-Optimal Trade Entry and Position Management


In this one-of-a-kind interactive webinar, Chris will reveal how professional traders enter into their positions and how they manage their positions for consistent profits.

This practical webinar will teach you how to find an optimal entry point for your trade and show you the techniques to effectively manage trades. You will learn to…

* Understanding the current market environment and interbank flows that will affect your trade.

* Stalking your trade before entry.

* Understanding the psychology of the entry.

* Learn to make your mind comfortable when price wants you to feel scared and uncomfortable.

* Watching multiple price feeds to your advantage.

* Having patience, understanding price movement, and taking on the trade.

* Understanding volatility and profit target relationships, strategies on adjusting your stop, and managing the trade for maximum profit.

By the end of the event, you will have the knowledge you need to enter and manage your trades like a professional – vastly increasing your chance to profit from each and every trade.


2-FX Scalping Course


The online Forex Scalping course will show you…

How to master the basic tools in order to scalp the market

Trade setups that are good candidates for scalping.

Forex Scalping trades as they set up in real time.

Watch as scalp orders are placed, executed, and then followed to completion.

The “BIG STONES” scalping strategy.

The best time for scalping activities.

How to “stalk” your scalping trade.

Momentum scalping trade examples.


3-Advanced Forex Tactics Webinar  


Seldom Revealed “Behind-the-Scene Insight into Today’s Forex Trading Environment

with Chris Lori, CTA

This info-packed webinar already took place on Saturday, Oct 13, 2007, Chris delivered almost 6 hours (3 hours overtime!) worth of extremely valuable insider Forex information you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you are serious about your Forex trading business, this webinar is simply a MUST. The knowledge gained from this webinar will make you and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Dear Trader,

If you are like most traders, you trade the SPOT Forex because of theenormous money making potential this market has to offer!

But did you know that there are MANY other ways to make money in the Forex than just trading online through a broker?

Discover the OTHER great Forex investment alternatives the institution traders use that are ALSO available to YOU!

It’s absolutely important for you to discover the many more ways to profit from the foreign exchange market than just makingspot trades through an online trading platform.

Are you aware of the countless foreign exchange trading and investmentalternatives available to you to profit from, with controlled risk?

Although these vehicles are not offered through your traditional brokers, they can be much more accommodating to your lifestyle and can often compliment your SPOT trading.

In this webinar, I will reveal tactics you can use to leverage your FX knowledge and earn income with passive positions, while diversifying your investment!

As a CTA and fund manager, I often see traders miss out by not engaging in other foreign exchange investment vehicles. It is like going to the nice restaurant and always ordering one dish! Why restrict yourself to limited income potential in a market that offers unlimitedprofit potential?


4-Psychology And Risk Webinar


Psychology and Risk of Institutional Traders & Understanding Forex Institutional Deal Flow and Market Structure

What you will learn at the webinar:

1. Psychology and Risk

In part 1, Chris will discuss the direct correlation between psychology and risk in the FX marketplace and reveal the one BEST KEPT TRADER SECRET that every long-term successful trader holds and teach you how to develop it. Chris will clearly construct real risk parameters used by fund managers. Risk parameters that should be used in portfolio’s and personal trading, as opposed to the leverage offered in super hype schemes and “regulated brokers.”

1. Chris’ Law’s for Trading Success

2. Your Unique Psychological Profile

3. Eight Intrinsic Risk Factors

4. Internalize Experience and Develop Processes

5. Psychology and Defining Your Risk Parameters

6. Trader Profiles – Which one are you?

7. Trading Pitfalls – What to avoid

2. Institutional FX

In part two of this webinar, Chris will cover market structure in detail. The connection between institutional order flow, price action, fractals and the psychology of the market. Understanding the relationships to price is critical to the success of any technical trader

1. The Bank Environment and Order Flow

2. Market Structure and Fractals

3. Using Fractals to Identify Entries and Manage Positions