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 Cynthia's NEW

Color Ribbon Surfing System

Learn How To Surf The ColoTrend Waves

with deadly accuracy between

Key Level Targets!


Learn how to trade like the shark,

not the little fish

that gets eaten in the big ocean of retail trading!




What are The Key Level Targets?
A price line that ends in 00, 25, 50, 75
Example:  1.3000, 1.30251.30501.3075
In the following screenshots and videos, the major key level ending in 00
is a dashed magenta line.
The dashed blue lines are the minor key levels ending in 25, 50 and 75.
Here's an overview video of the major and minor key levels
and how they are traded using Cynthia's Color Ribbon Surfing System:



Wouldn't you always like to know what your next target will be?
Here's a screenshot of how I trade a 5 min chart between the
25 pip minor key levels.
This trading morning started around the London Open
trading from key level to key level,
25 pips at a time, for a total of 122 pips.


Notice how the trading day started at a magenta major key level
on the far left at the London Open,
traded between the
dashed blue minor key levels,
all the way down to the next major magenta key level:

Every vertical red line was a safe conservative short entry with no whipsaw..

The target is already known ahead of time, it's the next key level down! 

And notice the multi time frame bottom window, showing the trend in 4 time frames.  Since the multi time frame windows are all red, it means the trend in 4 time frames is down, so we are only taking sell trades!! 

We don't get caught in fake-out reverse trades!


Here's a short video introducing Cynthia's Color Ribbon Surfing System:

Here's another short video of the continuation of the trade
in the first video above,
we see that the predicted target was met:


This system is able to predict the price targets with deadly accuracy

Color Ribbon Surfing System

Learn How To Surf  The Color Trend Waves

with deadly accuracy between Key Level Targets!


I scrunched this screenshot so the bars are close together
so you can see the trades in a 5 min Euro chart 
for the hours between the London Open 
and the best trading hours of the NY session:

If you like to do short "scalping" trades of between 10-30 pips, then trading in a 5 minute chart gets you the very best entries.



Here's a 15 min chart for more leisurely trades between key levels:

The first part of the trading session, the trend was down, 
as evidenced by the 4 hr and 1 Day ToR, so we took only sell trades. 

But now it looks like the trend is changing....the 5, 15 min, 1hr Tor is green...



Here's another screenshot of a 1 hour euro chart where 
the trend for the day is down:

Entries and exits at the minor and major key levels get you the most pips.



Here's a great trade for the 5 min euro as it went up to hit the major 
magenta key level for almost 50 pips, then down for another 25 pips...
entries are safe, conservative and easy to see 
and you already know your target ahead of time:


Here's a short video showing again how we trade between the key levels:




Here's a screenshot of a close up of the euro in a 1 hr chart:

Notice how the price bars literally bounce off the major (pink) 
and minor (blue) key levels.

Trading in a 15-30 minute or 1 hour time frame lets you ultimately target 
the 100 pip magenta key levels.

You know ahead of time your ultimate target 
which is at a 100 pip major key level.

In the interim, take partial profits at the 25 pip minor key levels

And of course, keep trailing your stop USING THE 25 PIP MINOR KEY LEVEL!



Want to see a 4 hr chart? 

Now this is really surfing the color ribbon waves for the big easy lazy pips:

This was a nice 200 pip drop before the trend changed,
just trail at the 25 pip key level lines and
keep moving your take profit to the next key level!

This is how the pros trade!  Now you know how to do it too!



Trade using the ColorRibbon Surfing System



start Trading using the Color Ribbon

Surfing System today!

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