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Dear Fellow Forex Enthusiast,

What if I told you that YOU could earn money consistently by trading forex with an automated high frequency trading robot?
Now I am sure you have heard this time and time again. If you go to Google right now and type in Forex EA you will get about 9,180,000 search results.

Now if you click on many of the links you will notice that every single one of those sales pages promise to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams without having to do anything besides installing this so-called miracle EA.

These sales pages even have account statements showing you that their accounts did well with their EA… And I am sure you have even bought a few of these EA’s yourself.

Let Me Guess…

You are not rich beyond your wildest dreams are you? In fact you probably even lost money. Leaving you wondering how come your account statement didn’t grow like the account you saw on the sales page of this miraculous EA.

Well to be honest that is because most of the sales pages that you see out there are created by greedy marketers who use photoshop to create their account statements.

Thus… misleading you into buying their product.

There is no need to feel embarrassed. I have fallen for the same marketing tactics myself.

Seeing that you are here I can probably
already guess three things about you…

  • Trading Forex is a passion of yours. One that cannot be quantified with words. Simply put, the thrill of trading is unparalleled!
  • You want to make a killing trading Forex, but have had difficulty doing so
  • You are fed up with Greedy Marketers Misleading You

These are three qualities that most Forex Traders share.

Let Me Tell You a Little About Myself:

My name is Henry Ford…. and no you probably have never heard of me. That is because I am not some made up trader created by marketers to fool you. I do not have fake facebook pages set up claiming that I am a forex expert and nor do I have a million ebooks out there claiming that I am a Forex “Guru”.

You see to be a real professional trader that means sitting in front of my computer screen 24/5. I don’t have time to create Facebook pages and write bullcrap ebooks to sucker people into believing that I am a “guru”.

I let my 3rd party verified proof speak for itself. This means every statement that you see on this page is not a photo-shopped image with insane account balances. Those pages are all created by marketers that know absolutely nothing about trading! They know they can pay a programmer in India a couple hundred dollars make a really flashy sales page and sucker some people into believing that they can become millionaires by trading forex quickly.

Let me let you in on a secret…

You will not become a millionaire trading forex quickly.

What I can tell you is that it is possible to earn consistent money by trading forex and each and every month your account will grow.

This means more money EVERY MONTH for YOU!

I didn’t start off in my trading career in Forex. I started off in the Stock Market and I also traded Commodities. This is where I first learned about High Frequency Trading and how it enabled me to make a killing in the Stock Market.

Then the Forex craze took over and I definitely wanted to see what all of the commotion was about. I started learning different trading strategies and was slowly earning profits but I found out that it wasn’t the same profits like High Frequency Trading was providing me in the Stock Market.

I knew there had to be a way to trade High Frequency in Forex. I searched around and found a few Robots out there that claimed to be High Frequency but all they did was blow up my trading account.

This is when I hired my very own programmer. A programmer that previously worked for NASA. I am not talking about a programmer that all these marketers pay a couple hundred dollars for a piece of crap robot.

I am talking about a state of the art software that has real programming behind it and a ton of backtesting….

One that would grow your trading account quickly like how a forest fire spreads.

I am about to introduce you to an Automated Forex solution that will help satisfy your need to make a killing WITHOUT jeopardizing your passion.

I’m not going to present you with some falsified story that you can relate to nor am I going to present you with falsified photoshopped account statements. I’m going to appeal to the intelligent Forex Trader that lies deep inside you.

This means…

  • You’re going to see cold hard facts without any secrets…
  • You’ll see REAL proof and REAL results to back up my claim (3rd party Verified)

FireScalper is The First 100% Automated
High Frequency Trading Robot That Kicks Wall Streets Butt!

FireScalper is a High Frequency Trading robot that will enable you to grow your trading account consistently month after month…and gives you a leg up on the big boys on Wall Street.

Now you maybe wondering what High Frequency Trading Means…

High Frequency Trading or HFT for short is the use of computer algorithms to rapidly trade stocks. Highly sophisticated proprietary strategies are programmed to move in and out of trades in timeframes as little as fractions of a second.

Now I am sure you caught onto where it says for stocks…

Well guess what High Frequency trading is no longer just for trading stocks!

YOU can capitalize on using High Frequency Trading in Forex as well!

Speed is crucial to any trader’s ability to act before other traders do. Imagine having a High Frequency Trading Robot that can trade and act before any other Robot or Trader… Enabling you to rake in the profits before anyone else does.