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100%AUTO Robot  EUR/USD  EUR/GBP  M30 TF   Breakeven trailing  All MT4 brokers


if you got Forex MegaLiner Robot, you would have +46 pips right now. That's $464 or $46 depending on your Lot Size... Here is a proof:

Or check this video from MetaTrader4:


Before you start reading or leave the page, I offer you to check if this product is for you. 
All you need to start using it is to have PC with internet dedicated line. It's true, no forex skills needed. And below at this page you will find video on how to install it and how Forex MegaLiner works after that. Check it!

And few words about me:

      I am Anna, most often known as Anna "Forex" Monti.
      For many years I have been learning forex: strategies and techniques that helped me to create my own style of trading that I am ready to share with you:

      Forex MegaLiner Robot - Expert Advisor for all traders from novices to professionals. Its main idea is based on breakout strategy combined with breakeven trailing. It is a perfect combination along with Swiss quality that we offer. 
      Forex trading is very tough but is not impossible. And I’m here to prove it. Just give me few more minutes and continue reading.

Anna, founder of Anna Forex Trading Club             


What are Forex MegaLiner Robot and Expert Advisors in general

What is Forex?

Forex is a Foreign Exchange that means different currencies trading. Nowadays anyone can try to buy and sell at Forex in order to make some profit out of a deal. Price difference of the same currency pair may be different within few days and even within the single day. This price difference when you purchase it and later sell at the best price turns into your profit.

How to start? 
Forex trades can be placed through a broker. There are lots of them online providing you with a free trading terminal - MetaTrader4. It is an application to be installed at your PC in order to be connected with Forex market. Now you can use this MT4 terminal to place your orders. Surely a demo account is absolutely recommended for all novices. And this way, there are no additional expenses for you. The only knowledge you need is how to download, read PDF manual and follow its instructions.

Orders and auto-trading
Orders can be placed with just a few clicks and the broker then passes the order to the market. This can all happen literally within a few seconds. At Forex you may Sell or Buy manually or use so-called robots or Expert Advisors to trade automatically. They follow certain market conditions and open/close orders for you. Forex MegaLiner Robot is one of such auto-robots.

To sum up:
If you have a laptop or PC with internet connection, you may start using it today. No skills needed as it trades automatically and installation is simple even for a child.

Here is a video record: 
How to install MegaLiner Robot at your MetaTrader4 terminal (along with MT4 installation as well)


How exactly Forex MegaLiner Robot 
works to make a profit

Forex MegaLiner Robot is based on moving channels breakout strategy. After you install the robot on EURUSD or EURGBP chart, M30 timeframe, you will see 2 yellow lines at your chart. They indicate the limits of the actual price channel. At the example below you will see that these 2 lines would stand for sell limit and buy limit orders. In other words, when a price reaches one of these levels - a new order would be activated.


The same time when limit lines appear at the chart you will also see LIMIT orders (or pending orders) below chart that would include all details:

 Time when orders are placed      Type of the order and the pair      Price level to activate      Stop Loss and Take profit      

Each of them has fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss (the price levels when orders would be automatically closed). This information is sent to the broker immediately to secure orders in case a short internet failure happens. When price reaches any of the levels, the order is triggered and becomes active. You may guess when it happens watching if a price crosses any of yellow limit lines and if an order is highlighted with green color as the one below:

Now, when pending order become active, a trading has started. Auto-trading. Forex MegaLiner will keep a track of this order and move Stop Loss when possible to make this order "breakeven" - no loss and no profit point. In other words, when there is any profit reached it moves Stop Loss to fix it at this profitable or "zero" level. After that when a profit grows, it will also move Stop Loss value step by step to increase the secured gains. This method that allows to squeeze more profit out of a trade by constant Stop Loss moving is called breakeven trailing system and it is the core of Forex MegaLiner profitability.

Forex MegaLiner Robot Properties

  EURUSD and EURGBP, M30 timeframe

  100% auto trading, no skills needed

  Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit   No up-sells after purchase
  Auto-BreakEven Trailing system   Guaranteed refund period

  Up to 1034 pips monthly at stable
   market (based on statement)

  Compatible with all MT4 builds, 
   any broker (4 or 5 digit terminals)

   Daily performance due to Self-adjustable and Moving Breakout Yellow channels

 Now, when you covered Forex MegaLiner Robot algorithm, please watch a video:
   How Forex MegaLiner trades: pending orders are triggered and trailed

       Forex MegaLiner
 Robot monitors market at all times. When any of those pending orders are triggered into active order and closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss, it sets a new yellow Limit line and locate a new pending order. This way, yellow lines that indicate the levels of pending orders are ALWAYS at your chart. They are self-adjustable and moving. Due to this feature, Forex MegaLiner trades non stop, except week-ends.

Forex MegaLiner Robot LATEST profit:  $11,032  by auto trading

TRADES STATEMENT: May, 05 - June, 06

Please see the trades summary that Forex MegaLiner performed within latest time period:

  EURUSD, M30 chart EURGBP, M30 chart
29 win trades 29 win trades
37 total trades 29 total trades
+398 pips ($3984,40) +414 pips ($7047,70)

Total: +812 pips, 66 trades with a profit of $11.032, 1.0 Lot Size

P.S. Pips for eurgbp pair are calculated in a different from eurusd way, one pips is not equal to $10. 
Its actual price you may check in the internet. Our initial deposit was $2,500 for both pairs, but it has increased since that time, still we recommend lower Lot Sizes for such deposits. Please don't undertake a high risk. 
See it: take 0.1 Lot per each $1000 of your deposit. This is the most optimal trading balance.

Just imagine, + $11,032 in a single month period. 
And Forex MegaLiner Robot traded itself.

We post Forex MegaLiner Robot trades history screenshot from MetaTrader4 trading terminal:


Ready to give it a try? 

I am sure that your small investment will turn
 into a stable payback.

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What you will get and the process of download:

  Robot file with 1 integrated license ( for live account)     Manual (PDF file) with setup guidance
  Not limited usage on demo accounts    Free updates. Free support
                 Express installation steps:
Complete purchase form, make sure your order is accepted 
Store all your purchase details, its number and transactions
Get a purchase confirmation at email with the direct download link
Save the product at your PC and open its archive. 
          You will have ex4 files for installation and MANUAL
Follow its manual and in just few minutes your Forex MegaLiner Robot will work

  Main idea of developing Forex MegaLiner Robot

When you see a product with Swiss made sign written on it -                                      
what does usually come to your mind?


 I dare to answer for you and I’m sure I will not make a mistake – firstly people think about the quality of the product. If it is made in Switzerland, there is no doubt it is of high quality.
It could be the formula of a typical Swiss person: hard work + moderation + ingenuity.

You may wonder what we can offer you in Forex niche where one would think is nothing left to talk about.  But now I am glad to present this unconventional software to help you in trade without additional time expenses – 
Forex MegaLiner Robot.
 Genius lies in simplicity. Now with Swiss quality.

For several months we were testing our latest robot. For few years I have been using its strategy manually. It is the product that I am sure of. And now it is fully automated. 

New, unconventional Forex MegaLiner Robot based on Swiss quality and accuracy is released! It will be a valuable so to say desk helper for any kind of forex trader.


   P.S. I think I have chosen a good niche in Forex market – developing trading systems. It is grateful market and I adore it for many years. High time to share my experience with other traders and now it is your turn to decide how successful my team and I managed. 

Why an Expert Advisor?                                               Novices and experts would love it!

      Most of the traders think that having a successful system is enough to make money in Forex, but that's far from truth: you must have a successful system and you must trade it at the right market timing! But we all know that emotions are the enemy when it comes to trading, especially as we try to find our way through fear and greed - the fastest road to blow your trading account!  We are humans, not robots, so there's not much we can do about it.

      Fortunately, robots help us to remove all those devastating emotions out of the equation - and that's exactly what I have done myself with Forex MegaLiner. Robots are systematic. They operate according to predefined rules created by best experts. Absolutely everything has been taken into consideration and presented in a very easy manner.

So, why are you here? Maybe...

     ... you’re new to forex trading and want to break into an exciting and profitable field.

     ... you’ve already tried your hand at forex trading - and weren’t pleased with the results.

  If any of this applies to you, keep reading. You will definitely enjoy accurate and professional system automated in Forex MegaLiner Robot. And get a special offer on getting today!

What is a breakout strategy
     When a good strategy is found, it may be extremely profitable and easy to follow. 
    Most strategies are complicated and require your attention. You need to analyze the market and define those points of price when a break-out is possible. A breakout may be a price that moves outside a defined support or resistance level. 
    Usually, a breakout trader enters a long position after the price breaks above resistance or enters a short position after the price breaks below support. But there are lots of different schemes for making such a strategy.

    - They may be based on high and low levels of previous price

    - Support and Resistance levels may be taken as basic points

    - Time gaps such as weekend or between market sessions 

     Just a note for complete novices:

Break out strategies is a type of trading when you decide beforehand what the orders would be if a price goes this or that way. So, you consider both, Buy and Sell variants. It may be a little hard to start with it at your manual trading,  so I would rather recommend getting this robot and watch how it works. It may bring you a new trading experience.

Pending orders of Forex MegaLiner. How to deal with them?
Forex MegaLiner Robot has not appeared in just few weeks or months. It is based on one of my favorite breakout channels strategy that I used to trade a lot when was learning and mastering Forex. The thing is that it deals with LIMIT orders, not instant as most of the robots. If you traded, you would know that there is nothing to be afraid of such orders. 
If not, here is in brief, what is the difference:

  Instant Orders

   When you place Sell or Buy orders at the same moment you decided. So you click it and an order appears below your chart in a Trading section. When such orders are placed by a robot, they are also immediately shown there with all details. One of the drawbacks of instant orders is that you need to set SL and TP manually or make sure your robot will take care of it.


Limit  (Pending) Orders

   They are also called pending orders. You may set it giving a special condition for opening. For instance, you define a certain price level. If a price breaks this level, this pending order will be triggered and open. Until that moment, it will be not active, but listed among orders. Such orders are convenient as allow you to set up different orders for every price movement. Forex MegaLiner Robot works with such limit orders.


Now let me cover few questions that some of you may ask at this point:

     What happens if limit orders are not triggered? Are they cancelled?

     No. We developed a special moving channel technology so this channel is constantly updating to suit market the best. Levels move to new values each time, but only when NO active orders are open. Thus, trading may be triggered at any time of the day and is not limited by certain market sessions. 

    I can’t leave my PC the whole day on. Can I still use it without VPS? 

    Yes. In the settings you may select its trading hours. It is the most safe way to trade when you can. Just choose the hours where your PC is turned on with MetaTrader4 and Forex MegaLiner will set its channel and watch the market within this time period.

Forex MegaLiner Robot and hedging orders
     In very simple terms, hedging is opening a buy and sell position at the same time with the same lot volume. It is a way to reduce the amount of loss you would incur if something unexpected happened.

    Hedging can be a useful part of your trading plan if done carefully. The main reason that you want to use hedging on your trades is to limit risks and get a trend confirmation. It is very handy - place 2 orders and check which one would go in profit faster. And you have nothing to lose as the profit of the one covers the loss of the second. But surely it should only be used by experienced traders that understand market swings and timing.

    Dealing with hedging without adequate trading experience could be a disaster for your  account. To make it safe we automated this process in Forex MegaLiner Robot and all you need to decide if you want to activate it. You can either use it or not regarding to your preferences and broker rules.

When to expect the first profit? BACKTEST and LIVE trading

 As I already mentioned, it is not a one-day product. I have been developing it for a long time. I could have posted few years backtests, but honestly, they would not reflect its actual profitability. The thing is while backtesting you run it backward with actual settings that may be not relevant to the past market conditions. Still, for those who need such a backtest, we post it:
     But please consider that when I used this strategy that is now automated into Forex MegaLiner, I have been always double checking that settings are fine and few times since the beginning of this year we adjusted the robot to keep it in a better trading fit. So it is the backtest of optimized version, not just the initial one.

     For instance, this way while optimizing I have decided to add a break-even trailing stop system and make breakout channels self-adjustable and moving. All these features make it trade often and in almost all market conditions except flat.

     Here is another statement of 2 weeks trading that also shows how its breakeven system worked as some orders closed with zero profit (but not with a loss!). MetaTrader4 trading history March report:




We traded with 1.0 Lot Size as our deposit was already increased by previous trades of Forex MegaLiner Robot
EURUSD and EURGBP pairs and M30 timeframe with default settings. 
No other adjustments:

  EURUSD, M30 chart EURGBP, M30 chart  
16 trades 21 trades
+235 pips ($2355) +155 pips ($2499)

Total: 37 trades with a profit of $4,854

And let me cover few more questions again:
    Why pips are calculated in a different way for these pairs? 

    Pips relate to the smallest price movement any exchange rate can make. Because currencies are usually quoted to four decimal places, the smallest change in a currency pair would be in the last digit. This would make one pip equal to 1/100th of a percent, or one basis point. Its value is always different between currency pairs because there are differences between the exchange rates of that currencies. When the U.S. dollar is quoted as the quote currency, its pip value is always equal to US$10.

     Why are there some trades with 0.00? Is it a mistake?

      It means that the orders were closed at break even. Check that orders again and you will see that Stop Loss and Take Profit were set for them initially. After that in a course of trading Stop Loss was moved to break even as soon as possible. Usually after it, trailing begins to secure your profit. But in these examples the orders were not successful and closed with NO LOSSIt is an extremely helpful system to protect your from negative trading results.

     If I trade with small Lot size as 0.1, when I cover the price of the product?

    If you prefer 0.1 Lot Size, your trading volume is much lower along with the total risk. But still, MegaLiner Robot can trade with any lot size (even with micro lots) and the total profit of small trades may reach the desired amount in time. 
For instance, that's how the robot made a sum much bigger than its price in just 3 days. Here is the screenshot from MetaTrader4 trading terminal: 

$1,076 result in this case is exactly ONE HUNDRED of dollars if traded with 0.1 Lot. So, here we go. it can make such a profit and pay back the price in full.