FOREX PITSTOP TRADE MANAGER (You'll never miss trades again nor lose money!!)

FOREX PITSTOP TRADE MANAGER (You'll never miss trades again nor lose money!!)
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Are you sick of missing good trades because of MetaTrader4?? If so . . .

The "TradeManager"


If you've ever traded with MT4 you know how hard it is to set up even a single trade.

Calculating the trade size and filling in values by hand can be a real chore. Not to mention the risk of making a typing error.

By the time you're finished you've missed the trade!

That's when I began thinking, "There's got to be a better way!" What if there was a tool on top of the chart that let's you place a trade with just one click?

Or even better, two clicks. One for the trade and one for a confirmation protecting you from misplaced clicks!

What if you could even adjust your trades visually, right on the chart, even before sending your order,

Best of all, what if you could just grab a StopLoss or Take Profit line on the chart, and change it by simply dragging your mouse?

All of this is now possible with the use of TradeManager!


You'll never miss trades again nor lose money because you can't close your orders fast enough.

Just imagine how fast and efficient trading can become with such a powerful tool.

But there are many more features than just placing trades.

Like how to calculate the number of Lots to use. That's covered too! And the Percentage of cash you are willing to risk (for the entered StopLoss).


Now let me show you just some of the powerful features of the TradeManager!
  • Two clicks to place a trade: One for the trade, one for confirmation!
  • Open and manage trades on all charts and any symbols with only one TradeManager! (you just have to apply a little helper EA to these charts)
  • Trailing Stops! You can modify the Trailing Stop at any time, even the Trigger (when the market goes beyond that price, the Trailing Stop will take action)
  • Adjust orders visually with your mouse, right on the chart!

  • Prepare new orders in Preview mode without sending the order!
  • Fill in the Lots directly or enter the maximum risk you want to take with the trade. files/img/LotsEdit.PNGThe Lots get calculated (based on the StopLoss) and updated instantly!
  • Fill in the SL/TP price manually or fill in the distance in points.
    files/img/SLEdit.PNGThe price will be calculated and updated instantly!

  • Keep an overview of your trades: TradeManager keeps you up to date on your current account situation, and calculates the total possible loss and gain of all your open trades!

    Data Window provides you with an overview over your account
  • Combine two or more orders (SL or TP) and move all of them at once!
  • Minimize the TradeManager to a little button, in case you don't need it right now.
  • Lastly, All colors are customizable, so you can design TradeManager to fit your own style!

There are many more great features I could tell you about, but I don't want to bore you with technical details.

I'd rather show you how easy it is to setup TradeManager!

You just have to download and install the setup wizard from our password protected download page.

In just 3 minutes you can be up and running enjoying a completely new level of efficiency and comfort!

For a live account, you will need to register your copy at our website with a registration key (only once for each account).

Finally, there is even a video tutorial showing you exactly how to install TradeManager!


Read what traders already using TradeManager have to say:
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"To become a professional trader you need to get yourself the best tools. Cannot imagine myself trading without this TRADEMANAGER !!!
Especially setting TP cannot get any easier."

FreddyFX (Mexico)

"Been waiting and searching for a help like this a long time.
Thanks to the programmer."

Piphunter (Canada)

"What a super idea to make this for traders !"

Mary S. (USA)

"Congratulations on developing Trade Manager - a brilliant piece of software!"

Alan K.



You'll never miss trades again nor lose money because you can't close your orders fast enough


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