Forexmentor – High Probability Reversal Patterns by Chris Lori

Forexmentor – High Probability Reversal Patterns by Chris Lori
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ForexMentor – High-Probability Reversal Patterns for the Forex Trader | 603 MB



Big money on the forex is often made on major trend reversals. An astute trader’s able to accurately predict the imminent tops and bottoms of his/her favorite currency pair… and patiently wait to cash in. Pattern traders often refer to reversal patterns as “leading indicators”. As a a professional discretionary trader, Chris Lori takes the majority of his Forex trades using these pattern methods. It is vital for you to master and be totally confident in recognizing and trading these reversal patterns. To help you, our resident pro trader, Chris Lori has compiled this new and exciting educational resource for the Forexmentor members.





Section 1: Introduction


Section 2: Average True Range


Section 3: Bull Bear Battle Reversal


Section 4: Rip Tide Reversal


Section 5: Head and Shoulders


Section 6: Lori P38 Reversal


Section 7: The Gartley


Section 8: Butterfly Pattern