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                  If you don't mind someone else doing all the hard work to make you easy money...



Read On To Discover How You Can Get Red Hot Profit-Packed Trades Handed To You On A Platter At The Same Time His Traders Carry Them Out... In Real-Time... All You Have To Do Is Set Them, Forget Them, And Profit!

Dear Forex Trader,


There's a unique forex strategy I want to share with you that's been making my trading firm and me obscene amounts of money.

It takes advantage of something that governs the movement of the financial markets which I call the "Hidden Logic".

When I used it during my years of trading stocks, it worked like a charm.

And now that I've switched over to forex, I find that it works equally well---or even better!

It can for you too... and I'm confident that if you test it out for the next 60 days...



If anyone asked me six months ago, there's no way I would've agreed to share this secret.

But a chance encounter with one of my now successful students at a local Burger King joint changed my mind. (I'll tell you about it later...)

And, frankly, I've come to realize that sharing this takes NOTHING away from me and the success of my firm.

I'm already rich.

The traders I have working under me are also rich.

And you will be too if you take advantage of it.

In fact, that's...




Hi. My name is Joel Thompson.

I'm 36 years old and the managing director for a hedge fund in New York.

My fascination with trading began as an 18 year old during my first year in university.

I read a book called "Liars Poker" by Michael Lewis where he told how he earned $225,000 in bonus after just 2 years of work on the trading floor.

For a young working class kid like me, that was a fortune.

But it lit a fire in me that trading was what I wanted to do.

It would be my life's path.

And that very summer, I got an internship on the trading floor in the city.

 When I walked onto that trading floor for the first time and saw the glowing flat-screen TVs, high-tech computer monitors and phone turrets with enough dials, knobs and buttons to make it seem like the cockpit of a fighter plane, it confirmed exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

It looked as if the traders were playing a video game inside a spaceship; if you won this video game, you became what I most wanted to be—rich.

My internship went well.

And every summer after that till the time I graduated, I worked on the trading floor.

I already had a job before I finished my final year exams.

My mentor saw so much promise in me, he called me personally during Easter break to let me know I had a job waiting.


I Learned And Mastered The "Hidden Logic" You're About To Discover Today.


And I used it to outperform traders who were at the company for years to move up the ranks fast.

For six years, I worked as a trader for that company.

I was making good money, yes.



But it was nothing compared to that of my bosses who were earning ten times that.

I wanted more.

I was ambitious.

And I got the feeling that no matter how good I was, I would never be made partner of the firm.

It was just a glass ceiling I could never break.

Youth, it seems, was not in my favor.

So I quit and decided to...



I used some of my money as well as money I raised from other private investors and opened up shop.

And I didn't need to look far to get super traders and IT rock stars.

Some of my former colleagues left my last job to come work with me with the promise of equity instead of a salary.

No glass ceiling.

Everyone now had the chance to determine their own income.

I taught them the "hidden logic". I paid it forward. And profits of the fund exploded for the first 2 years.

My IT warriors coded it in software we used to trade FOREX and it was responsible for placing high frequency trades for us on complete autopilot.

We were making more money than we could ever imagine.

And soon I began to toy with the idea of making the "hidden logic" available to smaller investors who wanted to trade on their own accounts.

I threw the idea out to my IT guys.

And, of course, they successfully created an extremely powerful trading assistant you can now get your hands on.


First of all, let me state that FX Profits Magnet isn't a robot.

You will have control over how you place your trades.

It's a trade assistant software that works like this...

Once you plug the software into your MT4 trading platform, it automatically links you to our servers.

From there, you will get automatic "BUY" and "SELL" signals popping up on your screen to reflect what the algorithm does for the firm's funds.

When the signal on your trading platform says "SELL", our traders are seeing the same "SELL" alert.

And when the signal says "BUY", our traders are also seeing the same signal.

It's almost as if you're in our offices watching the trades being executed.

Only, YOU have the choice whether you want to place a trade or not.

And the best part is...



As I said at the beginning of this letter, you're lucky you're getting access to an opportunity like this.

Here's why...

About 3 months ago, I planned on making FX Profits Magnet available only to investors with a minimum of $10,000.

We were getting so many requests from people who wanted in but didn't have the $500,000 to $1,000,000 necessary for private investors to get us to even look at them.

So, this is where FX Profits Magnet came in.

These $10K investors would use our software while we automatically took a percentage of their monthly profits.

So, it's a bright sunny day in June.

And I walked into a Burger King joint near the offices to grab a quick lunch.

I had my iPad with me because I was testing out the trade assistant on a mobile platform before we released it.

I was in line to get up to the cashier to make my order and an audio alert to "BUY" the AUD/USD pair popped up.

I told the guy behind me to go before me so I could place the trade.

He looked at me quizzically. Then looked at my iPad but never said anything.

He placed his order and stepped to the pickup counter, waiting on his food.

But all the while, I was conscious that I was being observed.

"What's up with this dude?" I silently said to myself.

He got his order, sat near a window, and began eating... still observing me.

I finally got my order and sat a few tables away with not a care in the world about this guy.

Before I was done, another audio alert popped up on the iPad saying I should close the trade I placed earlier with a "SELL" order.



I smiled, satisfied that FX Magnet was working like gangbusters.

And then a voice from nowhere...

"Excuse me, sir, were you just trading the FOMC announcement?"

I looked up.

It was the same guy who was quietly observing me.

"Yes, I was...", I replied not knowing what to expect next.

"Judging by your smile, I guess you made some profit off that trade you placed in the line."

"Yes, I did."

"Well, I'm a forex trader too. But I lost $200 on it. Only I set up the trade to execute before I left my office but I judged the wrong direction. I'm really struggling and would love to know how I can get the software you're using on your iPad."

I could've told him it wasn't available to him and that he would need at least $10,000 to get access to it.

But I saw desperation in his eyes.

Here's somebody who needed to win so bad.

So I told him, "Give me your contact details and I'll get back to you in a couple of days."

After he handed me a napkin with his contact info, I drove back to the office with pulleys and wheels turning in my head, trying to figure out...



I went into the office, gathered my team together, and told them of my experience with Tom at Burger King.

After our little session, we all agreed to...



Tom from Burger King was the first to get the call... not a few days as I promised... but in a few hours.

He was ecstatic!

Over the moon!

He was to fulfill one condition from us though and that was to tell anyone in his circle of trading buddies about it.

So the word is going out and it means Tom and his friends could easily wind the number of people needed down to 175.

You're here reading this so it means there's still space so Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By.


By the way, just in case you're still in doubt, here's a direct quote from Tom's feedback he sent in earlier, together with his trading statements generated by our software:

"Dear Joel, you're the savior of the FX world! Really, I don't think it's inappropriate if I say you're an FX messiah! Without you, I'd still be scraping the barrel in FX trading with what pathetic measly profits I got. You have entirely changed my world! You know, I had some fleeting moments of thinking about giving up FX trading for good owing to

the unbearable frustration and disappointment. Indeed, some of my friends did surrender. Yet your FX Magnet has since sucked them back into the FX universe with a big bang! Particularly, Sarah, Noah, and Becky cannot thank you enough. They'll send you dazzling thank-you notes soon! For now though, I thought it would help tremendously if my friends and I sent in our trading statements, as irrefutable proof that you and your system are truly an FX messiah." -- Tom May.