John Locke Master Class Series

John Locke Master Class Series
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John Locke Master Class Series

From 2012 to 2015

(2012 + 2013 + 2014 + 2015)



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64 Hours of Premium On Demand Training
to Help You Master Your Market Neutral Options Trading


•This is 64 Hours of premium continuing education on the Bearish Butterfly, M3, Rock, and M21

•This is how you get your “graduate degree” in the Locke strategies

•This series uses the best teaching format that has worked for thousands of years – the Mentoring Model

•The series was recorded over a 2 ½ year period to show you how the trades are managed in many different markets

•Suggested pre-requisites for the series are the Bearish Butterfly and the M3

•Take your knowledge of John Locke’s trades to a new level by seeing how the trades were implemented month after month through a variety of market conditions.

• Hear John’s answers to questions from options traders like you.

• Learn additional lessons about execution, psychology, and trade planning that you can apply to your trading.





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