Master Trader Course

Master Trader Course
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Master Trader Course



A Master Trader Shares the Same Trading Strategies He Uses With His Own Money

  • Are you ready to make consistent profits in your trading?
  • Would you like to learn the exact trade setups that a Master Trader is profiting from, in his own account, with his own money?
  • Does having a clearly defined Trading Plan appeal to you?
  • Self Paced: Go through the material as quickly or slowly as you are comfortable with.

One-time Payment $497

Lifetime access to training material

Learn to manage risk and  MAXIMIZE PROFITS and KEEP LOSSES SMALL


“I’m looking forward to sharing my success with you through my Master Trader Class.”
Dean Jenkins, CEO/Founder, FollowMeTrades

Master Trading Course Includes:

  • Over 4 hours of teaching videos
  • Clear and simple reading material on theory, strategies and trading rules
  • Recorded live training and trading sessions that you can watch
  • Printable worksheets for you to practice and apply the concepts being taught